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We’re dedicated to enhancing college students’ lives by improving on-campus dining operations and engagement.


If you’re considering a move into the higher education channel with your restaurant, beverage, retail, financial service or new technology, let’s talk. Our mission is to help improve on-campus retail operations and choices for college students.

We take a data-centric approach to on-campus retail development. Our database of on-campus outlets will help you target the campuses where your brand has the greatest opportunity to succeed. Our connectivity to the communities of campus dining management and college auxiliary services will help put your brand in front of the right decision makers. And our expertise in adapting concepts to the unique needs of the on-campus market will save you months, if not years, of costly trial and error.

oncampus brands data centric development

Data-Centric Development

Our unique approach to on-campus development includes demand validation and a proprietary database of campus restaurants.

oncampus brands non-traditional adaptation

Non-Traditional Adaptation

The most important step toward success is right-sizing your dining concept to meet on-campus requirements.

oncampus brands licensing negotations

Licensing Negotiations

Team with us to develop & execute a master license agreement with the contract operator or the self-operated campus.

Clients We’ve Worked With:

About OnCampus Brands

OnCampus Brands was founded by Jim Gregory. From 2012 through Spring 2016, Jim was responsible for the non-traditional channel of Steak n Shake restaurants. His experience in non-trad restaurants and retail services stretches back to 1990. Jim conceived our vision of bringing superior brand offerings to college campuses: brands that resonate with students; brands that complement the unique cultures of their schools; brands that are committed to grow and support their operations in higher education. So, we spent a few months signing up “charter” clients, building the first on-campus retail database, and gathering a network of our favorite ops, design and construction folks. By then it was Fall Semester 2016 and time to get back to school!


You can learn more about Jim’s background at LinkedIn.

Captvo Solutions

Our dining experts provide advisory services across all campus venues: residential, catering, retail and concessions.

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If you’re considering a move into the higher education channel with your restaurant, beverage, retail, financial service or new technology, let’s talk.
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