We consult with campus executives to evaluate and produce strategic and comprehensive dining programs.

At OCB, our specialization has organically evolved to include consulting. We are problem solvers, and we are steadfast in our dedication to enhancing students’ lives by improving dining operations. Consulting allows us to pursue this mission in a deeper, more holistic fashion.

Through our consulting services, we aggressively seek ways to drive overall student recruitment by standing up the dining experience as a bona fide added value to the campus itself. Dining can and should enhance overall engagement, retention and long-term loyalty. We believe dining is an amenity, but it can also be a profit center.

In every partnership, our programming recommendations are backed by data. We analyze campus and facility demographics; competitive choices; volume and peak through-put requirements; and campus/facility infrastructure and accessibility to drive our non-traditional dining solutions.

If you need a data-driven and objective perspective, we are here.

If you’re considering a move into the higher education channel with your restaurant, beverage, retail, financial service or new technology, let’s talk.

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