If you already have experience in non-traditional design-construction and operations, we can take an advisory role or hands-on project leadership. If you don’t,we can connect you to the resources you need to get to the finish line: open, operating and optimizing your retail brand in the higher education channel.

Launching a new brand on a college campus typically involves three distinct stakeholders – your brand, the school and the school’s operating partner – and each of the three bring unique needs to the project. Every campus opportunity is also unique in its footprint, facility and operating requirements. Limited windows for construction and training — whether summer or holiday break — are non-negotiables that can strain your in-house resources.

It’s critical that your true brand experience is delivered to the student end-user on Day One, even if your typical production, delivery or payment processes have been tweaked. OnCampus Brands can identify both pitfalls and best practices throughout the design and construction process, and we can “see around the corners” so you have plenty of time to address any operating challenges upfront.