The university executives who are responsible for on-campus services answer to several constituencies. These “internal customers” include students, faculty, parents and top university leadership. But no one is more important to these executives than the students.

These execs’ discipline, Auxiliary Services, generally includes everything related to student life except academics and athletics. It’s a complex but rewarding endeavor, since every college campus constitutes its own community. Dining services, facilities management, residential services and amenities, bookstore retail, parking, campus health services, safety and more all fall under the Auxiliary Services discipline. Organizational structures vary by university, as do contract management structures.

Many schools engage contract operators to run primary amenities, including dining, bookstore, retail and laundry. These operators own the client relationship with Auxiliary Services, and they own their domain on campus. They add a layer of complexity for brands seeking entry.

This development channel clearly requires careful navigation. We can help.