Ongoing operations compliance is essential whether you license your brand to an on-campus operating company, or franchise to a self-operated school, or engage your own franchise community in the higher ed channel. Think of on-campus operating companies and self-op schools as highly capable, multi-unit franchisees. Their dedicated on-campus managers and shift supervisors have the experience to follow your brand guidelines and deliver your brand experience.

To provide an extra layer of brand oversight, top brands in the campus channel assign dedicated operations staff for periodic on-site visits. Other on-campus brands may engage local “streetside” franchisees to take a formal oversight role in nearby campus operations. Smaller brands, especially those that are new to the campus channel, may have limited resources for on-site oversight.

Given our focus on bringing regional and even local brands to college campuses, OnCampus Brands has anticipated that these clients may need help with operations oversight. We can help you partner with non-trad specialists to provide that extra, periodic-visit layer of operations oversight.