Captvo Solutions

Our Captvo Solutions division takes the same data-centric approach to advisory services across all dining: residential, catering, retail and concessions. The Captvo network of experienced professionals helps its campus clients optimize dining programs for enhanced student engagement, community-building and value for the dollar.

A student’s campus dining experience is proven to influence engagement and retention, and therefore  graduation rates and outcomes. That’s why we see the dining experience as a bona fide added value to the campus itself. Our data-first approach zeroes in on the opportunities that have measurable impact on student satisfaction. And while we do believe dining is an amenity first, it can and should also be a profit center.

Our advisory team is small, nimble and accomplished. We have built our careers on improving dining operations, and we pride ourselves on being “been-there, done-that” problem solvers.  We are steadfast in our mission to enhance students’ lives and that’s why you will work with the same senior leadership team you meet upfront.

If you are looking for data-driven, objective assessments; metrics-based solutions; and experienced advisory partners, we are here.