Our unique approach to on-campus development includes demand validation and a proprietary database of on-campus restaurant outlets.

Students want access to the hot retail concepts they see streetside. Schools want to offer the brands that not only meet the students’ needs, but also brands that can help create a uniquely memorable college experience for students. The combination offers a great platform for brands that 1) resonate with young adults and 2) are looking for smart, long-term growth.

OnCampus Brands takes a data-centric approach to on-campus retail development. We maintain an extensive, proprietary database of U.S. on-campus restaurant outlets. We use that database to work with you on a focused, efficient sales strategy, and then execute that strategy on our own or alongside your existing development resources.

If your product, or something like it, is not currently offered on campus, we can also help you partner with industry-standard student panels to validate student demand.

Simply put, today’s college students are tomorrow’s core customers. Mature on-campus brands can track a substantial number of their best customers to those customers’ first brand experiences as college students. On-campus experiences and memories drive long-term brand loyalty.

If you’re considering a move into the higher education channel with your restaurant, beverage, retail, financial service or new technology, let’s talk.

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