The most important step toward success is right-sizing your concept to meet on-campus requirements.

Our mission is to help improve on-campus retail operations and choices for students. Our ability to help adapt your concept to this market lies at the heart of our services.

Over 25 years ago, our founder negotiated and installed the first non-traditional Pizza Hut operation in an NFL/MLB stadium. He and our network of non-trad specialists have a wealth of experience adapting and deploying retail brands for unique applications. We have taken brands to college campuses, airports, travel plazas and food courts. We know the service metrics you have to deliver, and how to help you deliver them. We listen hard to understand the non-negotiables of your brand, and we help you anticipate and understand the non-negotiables from the school’s perspective.

But let’s be clear: this is your brand and we will always respect its integrity and your ownership. We want your brand to thrive in a way that translates into long-term return from customers whose brand loyalty was forged in their college years.

If you’re considering a move into the higher education channel with your restaurant, beverage, retail, financial service or new technology, let’s talk.
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